• Stainless Steel in Architecture

Architects and engineers today are increasingly taking advantage of stainless steel’s unique combination of properties. It is a versatile material, eminently suitable for so many building and constructional applications.

Often regarded in the past as a material reserved for prestigious applications, stainless steel today is a practical, cost competitive
and effective solution to many specific problems in the architectural, building and construction industries.

It is now the standard material specified for areas, both inaccessible and exposed, which are subject to corrosion. As a bonus, its surface finishes display exceptional aesthetic appeal which is retained throughout its life.

An overview of Stainless Steel benefits, grades, forms and finishes.

Successful Applications of Stainless Steel

Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations

Stainless Steel Usage Scenarios:

– Facades
– Roofing
– Entrances
– Windows and Doors
– Interiors
– Streetscapes
– Sculpture
– General

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