• Stainless Steel in Architecture


Particularly well suited for the facades of buildings, stainless steel is a functional, practical, and long-lasting material with a universal aesthetic appeal.

Stainless steel has a durability that will last the lifetime of the building and with periodic washing, its appearance will be retained, often with no other maintenance necessary -an important and cost-effective feature of the material.

Whether in the form of profiled sheeting, panels, or curtain walling, the strength and stiffness of stainless steel allow thin gauge material to be used, minimising the weight with subsequent beneficial effect on structural steelwork and foundation costs.

The cost of stainless steel for curtain wall construction is such that in initial capital outlay it is generally competitive with other quality architectural materials. These include the high-quality aluminium alloys and finishes as well as bronze, copper, and natural stone such as marble or granite. Because of its minimal maintenance cost and virtually unlimited durability, stainless steel is even more competitive when life-cycle costs are considered. Repairs and replacements costs are virtually nil over the life span of a building.

Stainless steel is an exciting and contemporary material yet is has an impressive history spanning many decades. Harmonious with other building materials, stainless steel successfully blends with its environment, reflecting surrounding colours with dynamic and often stunning effect. Stainless steel is a unique material for building facades and one that truly reflects the daring and imagination of the architect and client.