• Carbon Steel Heat Exchange and Hydraulic Tube

Heat Exchange, Hydraulic and Pneumatic tube
Carbon steel tubing finds common applications in two major areas; heat transfer in heat exchangers and condensers, and as hydraulic and pneumatic tubing. This tube is produced as a seamless tube, with a final cold draw to guarantee dimensional tolerances and excellent surface finish. In common with other product this cold-drawn carbon steel tube is made to an all-plus tolerance if intended for heat transfer applications, but is generally supplied with nominal wall thickness (± tolerance) for hydraulic or pneumatic applications.

Stock range generally caters for applications in hydraulic and pneumatic tubing. Materials used in other applications can be sourced. These include heat exchanger tube in standard mill lengths and/or specific set lengths.

ASTM A179M “Standard Specification for Seamless Cold-Drawn Low-Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tubes” cover minimum wall thickness tube for heat transfer applications in sizes 3.18mm to 76.2 OD.

The specification for heat exchanger tube is also used to specify seamless carbon steel tube intended for hydraulic applications. This hydraulic tubing is manufactured with average wall thickness specified; in all other aspects the product conforms to the requirements of ASTM A179M and ASTM A450M.

Product intended for hydraulic applications has nominal wall thicknesses in SWG series of sizes, while the minimum wall thickness heat exchanger tube is generally in line with the BWG series.

In addition to the ASTM A179 tube stocked in heat exchanger and hydraulic variants, welded carbon steel tube can be obtained to either ASTM A178 or ASTM A214.