• Technical Services

Atlas Steels provides technical support for its steel and aluminium products to customers through our qualified and experienced staff at our distribution and processing operations. The following are typical of what can be provided:

  • assist with grade selection and metallurgical properties of our products
  • assist with product selection to meet specific needs
  • assist with the nomination and interpretation of specifications
  • recommend fabrication procedures
  • investigate problems when they occur and
  • train staff and those of our customers in the use of stainless and specialty steels

 Atlas Technical Library

Atlas Steels over many years has gathered a large amount of useful and practical information about stainless and special steels as a result of interacting with end user customers and addressing their technical and fabrication queries. This information in the main has been catalogued and much of it is included in our Technical Library on this website.

If you are seeking technical product, applications or fabrication information we recommend that you visit our library first and if not found then please call our nearest branch or technical services line for further assistance.

Quality Standard at Atlas Steels

Atlas Steels is accredited to ISO9001.

Atlas establishes and maintains a high level quality standard for product supply from mills and conducts a testing program to ensure product sold meets those standards.

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