• Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Hollow Bar

The download below provides detail of size range and thickness within the grades.

Carbon, alloy and stainless hollow bar is available through Atlas Steels by indent or special stocking arrangement with end user customers.

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Hollow bar, otherwise known as seamless mechanical tubing, is a tubular product made with characteristics and properties suitable for subsequent transformation into a great variety of hollow products and cylindrical components for general engineering purposes. Carbon and alloy steel hollow bars are normally supplied as circular sections although other shapes are available.

Selection of the most suitable raw material for production of circular hollow components, whether the component is a plain bush or a complex precision part, should take into consideration the advantages in using hollow bar as feedstock. It is important to remember when comparing hollow bar and solid bar that the raw material cost is dependent on the length of material used to produce the component. Since the purchase price of raw material is based on weight, the price per length is an important factor.

Hollow bar is preferred by many users because of significant savings on raw material cost and machining time. In many instances it is possible to choose a hollow bar with outside diameter and wall thickness very close to the finished dimensions of the component to be manufactured. The need for preliminary operations such as turning and boring is therefore substantially reduced or eliminated. Benefits are gained from reduction in setting-up time and machine cycle times, lower labour and overhead costs for each component, reduced tool costs, lower lubricant usage and machinery maintenance costs. Swarf handling problems are also simplified.

Carbon steel hollow bar
Products are sourced under internationally recognised specifications including ASTM A519M and ISO2938, as well as a variety of proprietary grades which comply with the requirements of appropriate specifications.

The typical grades of carbon steel hollow bar stocked by Atlas are: VM312, Grade 147M; 20Mn V6; TIM V6.

Seamless carbon steel hollow bar is normally supplied in the as-rolled condition and is suitable for a wide range of thermal treatments such as normalising, surface hardening and hardening and tempering.

Alloy steel hollow bar
Atlas Steels can supply both 4140 and 4340 grades of alloy steel hollow bar, compliant with ASTM A519M or equivalent specification and supplied in various conditions, usually hardened and tempered, but also annealed or as-rolled conditions subject to the specific application. 4145H MOD drill collar material is also available.

Stainless Steel hollow bar
Stainless steel hollow bar is used in conditions where corrosion is an issue and applications where it is more economical to use a hollow section rather than bore out solid stainless steel bar.

Grade Data Sheets

Code Description
Carbon Steel Hollow Bar
Data Sheet (369 kb)
Carbon Hollow Bar is supplied in two grades. Grade 20MnVS6 (WNr 1.5217) for sizes 32-250mm and Grade St 52.0 (WNr 1.0421) for all sizes 250-457 mm. 20MnVS6 is a micro-alloy steel with improved mechanical properties with controlled sulphur content to improve machinability. St52.0 is a steel defined by a range of mechanical properties it must meet. Carbon Hollow Bar is an all-purpose mechanical tube suited for medium-stress applications.