• Bright Mild Steel Bar

Bright mild steel bar is usually a carbon steel alloy which has had the surface condition improved by drawing, peeling or grinding over the hot rolled finish supplied by the steel mill. Advantages achieved include improved machining, less wastage at component production stage, enhancement of physical and mechanical properties and improved dimensional tolerances and straightness.

Bright mild steel bar is available through Atlas Steels by indent or special stocking arrangements with end user customers.

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Types of cold finished bars

Cold drawn bars are widely used in mass production of parts due to their excellent mechanical and dimensional properties, with machining characteristics more than the hot rolled bar condition. Round, hexagonal and square bars can be produced by cold drawing.

Turned and polished round bars have similar mechanical properties to those of equivalent hot rolled bar, but exhibit a smooth, bright surface finish and improved dimensional accuracy. They are widely used where a surface free of decarburisation is required, for example in induction hardening and when the surface must be free from surface defects, such as for use in cold forming.

Cold drawn and precision ground or turned and precision ground round bars, where very close dimensional tolerances and finishes are required, e.g. plating.

Cold rolled sizes up to 100mm wide and 7mm thick inclusive are produced by cold rolling to produce flat and some special shape sections to suitable tolerances and surface finishes.

Grade Data Sheets

Code Description
Data Sheet (226 kb)
All-purpose low carbon steel with good ductility and weldability. Application in non-critical engineering applications.
Data Sheet (227 kb)
All-purpose medium carbon steel with intermediate strength good ductility and weldability. Application in low-stress engineering applications.
Data Sheet (219 kb)
Low carbon free-machining steel with excellent machinability for non-critical engineering applications.
Data Sheet (215 kb)
Low carbon free-machining steel with lead addition. Superior machinability in high-speed machining. Application in non-critical engineering applications. Cannot be welded.