• Aluminium Plate

Aluminium Plate
Alloy 5083, 5383, 5005, 5052, 5454 & 5186.
Temper H32, H34, H116 & H321.
Thickness (mm) 4 to 25.
Width (mm) 1200 to 2500.
Length (mm) 2400 to 12000 & customer specific length.
Finish Mill, customer specific linish & bright.
Coating PE Coating (not standard).
Plasma profile To customer drawings.

The information provided is for standard stock product and does not encapsulate all available combinations. Please contact your nearest Atlas Steels Service Centre if non-standard product is required and we will enquire about its availability through our global supply network of mills and stockists.

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Aluminium Plate Temper Codes

Code Description
H111 Strain hardened less than the amount required for a controlled H11 temper.
H112 No special control over amount of strain hardening. Some minimum strength limits set.
H321 Strain hardened less than amount required for a controlled H32 temper.
H116 Acceptable resistance to stress, cracking and exfoliation attack. Strain hardened less than amount required for a controlled H32 temper.
H321/H116 Plate can be supplied with a dual temper from select mills.
H32 Strain hardened by rolling and then stabilising heat treatment to ¼ hard.

Plate Finishes

Bright: Principally used by the transport trucking industry this material is sourced from selected mills. Atlas market and stock this quality of plate in alloy 5083 & temper H32.

Mill: This refers to plate supplied ex-mill with a commercial finish. This material is typically used in the marine industry, general engineering and transport industry where bright plate is not critical.

Linish: This is a customer negotiated linish that can be processed at an Atlas Steels Service Centre.

Aluminium Bend Radius
Displays the recommended minimum inside bending radii for 90-degree cold forming of sheet and plate. It covers most common alloys of aluminium and their temper range from thickness 0.4 mm to 12.0 mm.