• Aluminium Sheet, Plate and Treadplate Product Specifications

Plate Specifications

Standard Description
ASTM B928 Generally a marine standard requiring exfoliation corrosion testing but also inter-granular resistance. Material for marine application is typically ordered as tempers H116 and/or H321 and possible reference to an international recognised testing authority. All material to this standard is line marked with manufacturing traceability.
ASTM B209 Generally a non-marine application where additional corrosion testing is not required. This is typically applied to plate for the transport industry where surface finish and bright levels is critical. Material is ordered to a standard ‘H’ temper i.e. H32, which mechanical properties are very similar to H321. The material does not require line marked from the manufacturer.
DNV/Lloyds Plate for marine applications can be supplied with testing certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).