• Chrome Bar

Hard Chrome Bar
Standard Grade 1045 to AS1442 and Grade 4140 to AS1444 or equivalent
Size Range 19.05 to 127mm (diameter)
Grades 1045, 4140
Finishes Hard Chrome (thickness 0.025mm minimum, or 0.050mm on the diameter)
Condition 1045 (harden & tempered), 1045 (induction hardened), 4140
Processing Bar cutting

The download below provides detail of size range and thickness within the grades.

The information provided is for standard stock product and does not encapsulate all available combinations. Please contact the nearest Atlas Steels sales outlet if non standard product is required and we will enquire about its availability through our global supply network of mills and stockists.

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Hard Chrome Bar Application
Hard chrome bar is a chromium-plated steel product used primarily as piston rod material in all standard applications in hydraulics and pneumatics. Common applications are found in cranes, dump trucks, lifters, garbage compactors, agricultural machinery and production equipment with movable sections.

Because hard chrome bar is normally used in conditions of high stress, friction and harsh climatic environment, the quality of the base metal and surface treatment are of paramount importance. Wear, impact and corrosion resistance, as well as high yield strength, surface smoothness and uniform quality are most important properties of hard chrome bar.

The basic grades of steel used in the manufacture are 1045, 4140 hardened and tempered and 1045 induction hardened.

  • Grade 1045 steel bar is primarily used in hard chrome bar manufacture due to its wide range of properties consistent with end use applications.
  • Grade 4140 is used in applications where greater yield strength is required and induction hardened grade 1045 is used in applications requiring greater surface impact resistance.