• Stainless Steel in Architecture

Windows / Doors

Windows and doors manufactured from stainless steel enhance the beauty of any building, and impress with their smooth finish and slender yet strong appearance. They are also extremely practical.

  • Simple washing with soap and water will retain a pristine appearance and can be carried out at the same time as the cleaning of glass surfaces.
  • Costly maintenance and repainting are eliminated.
  • Stainless steel has a strong resistance to impact, especially important in areas of high public activity, and areas subject to vandalism.
  • Constant ease of opening doors and windows is ensured as the smooth surface does not retain dirt.

Sections used for these products vary according to the manufacturer. They range from tubular sections to roll formed or press braked sections, in thicknesses from 0.4mm to 2mm.

Sections generally are welded to provide complete rigidity, with some designs incorporating an extruded aluminium core for this purpose. Proprietary stainless steel doors are also available which have been tested and approved to provide a fire resistance period of one hour. Window and door fittings such as hinges, handles and locking knobs, in a variety of forms, are available to complete and complement the design. Architects generally use stainless steel with either a satin or bright polished finish, but with the addition of colour – by the Inco chemical process – the effect is striking.

Colour and ornate patterns, achieved by etching, demonstrate further the versatility of stainless steel to provide the architect with considerable design freedom.