• Sheet, coil, strip and plate processing

The Australian Metal Processors (AMP) service centre is a major steel and aluminium coil processing centre operated by Southern Sheet & Coil providing sheet & coil processing services to Atlas Steels. Located at Warragamba in New South Wales it is the central storage location and processing facility of Atlas where large (jumbo) coils imported from overseas mills are converted into saleable stainless steel sheet, coil and plate product required by customers.

The following product is generated through the AMP operations:

Atlas Metals Processing Capabilities
Parameter Sheet/Blanking Sheet/Plate Polish Slitting Recoil
Thickness 0.3 – 2.0mm SS: 1.6 – 6mm
Alum: to 8mm
0.3 – 2mm to 1580mm
>2 – 3mm to 1220mm
SS: 0.3 – 3mm
Alum: to 5mm
0.3 – 3mm
Width 200 – 1580mm 500 – 2000mm 0.3 – 2mm
300 – 1580mm
>2 – 3mm
500 – 1250mm
25mm min 200 – 1580mm
Length 200 – 6000mm 700 – 15000mm
Coil Input 12500kg 14500kg 12500kg 12500kg 12500kg
Coil output 500kg 500kg
Coating PE, PVC
Paper Interleaf
Paper Interleaf
Paper Interleaf
Polishing No4, Scotchbrite, Customer nominated

For more information on how Atlas Steels can supply product to meet your specifications, please contact your nearest Atlas Steels Service Centre.

Note: For detail on flatness, width and length tolerance please refer the sheet, coil and plate section of the Atlas Steels “Product Reference Manual” contained in the Atlas Technical Library.